Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban Big Bang

PW Big Bang 2015
If anyone wanta to take part of this year's PW Big Bang, it's being hosted over on Dreamwidth here

[Round 1] Temporary Post
Just as an FYI, eight out of nine fics have now been posted; just waiting on one more, and then I can make a wrap-up post. I haven't forgotten about the community!! XD

Anyway, disabling comments on this one since I'm going to be deleting it once the last fic post goes up 'cause I don't want any mod posts in between. XD If you have anything to say, though, you can wait for the wrap-up post or comment on some other post or PM or email me. Derp!

[Round One] FIC: Channeling Absolution
Title: Channeling Absolution
Author: midgetnazgul 
Artist(s):  sleepyartist  and takumee 
Mixer:  aphephobia 
Rating:  PG-13 for some swearing and talking about death/murder  
Characters/pairings: Miles, Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, and a brief appearance from Franziska and Gumshoe. Pre-slash P/E, that's about it  

Summary:  Edgeworth is left shaken by the events of the trial for Misty Fey's murder. What will he do, knowing now that the Kurain Channeling Technique that he despised and rejected for so long is indeed real? 

Author's notes:  I have  a general A/N at the beginning of the story on, but there's a few things specific to the comm I feel compelled to note here.
Firstly, AAAGH I'M SORRY. This has taken entirely too long for me to get around to posting. Ridiculously busy as I have been, that's no excuse to deny my compatriots' opportunity to show off their excellent skill. Endless thanks to everyone for being so patient with me!

My story is not finished as well. There are three more chapters beyond what I've posted, all very close to done but need finishing. I will be sure to inform on this post when the fic is fully finished, in case someone interested doesn't frequent often.

I also just want to say how much I ADORE the artwork that has been produced for my fanfiction. I am BEYOND pleased with your work, takumee and sleepyartist , and while I haven't seen my audio mix yet, I am really looking forward to seeing what they came up with!!!

I sincerely hope you enjoy what we all have to offer! 8D  

Link to fic post:
Link to art post: Takumee's:  Sleepyartist's:
Link to mix post: Will be posted shortly, once I have a link 

[Round One] Fic: A Game of Cards
Title: A Game of Cards
Author: aphephobia
Artist(s): sleepyartist
Mixer: dreamwriteremmy
Rating: NC-17. Warnings for creepiness from Kristoph and deception from both he and Phoenix which might push this into dub-con territory for some readers.
Characters/pairings: Kristoph/Phoenix, Kristoph/Apollo, Phoenix/Apollo, some residual Phoenix/Miles, some off-side Colias/Miles
Summary: It's like some sort of Big Gay Soap Opera involving lawyers.Collapse )

Please note: It's not all going to be up at once; my beta suggested doing a "split it in two parts" thing, which I'm going for, which makes me feel a bit like Quentin Tarantino without the talent, so it'll all happen. I have too many WIPs which I haven't completed... this one will not be joining the list.

Author's notes: First of all, I'd like to offer apologies to everyone on this. It's still not entirely completed, and for that I can only blame myself and my crazy work schedule and brain chemistry. I've had a wonderful team behind me, from withpractice_ff for whom I betaed and who betaed for me (and I'd encourage you to check out Last Fall, it's sheer brilliance and she was good at getting me to do something writing-related when my motivation to work on my own stuff was cactus); she was the genius who suggested posting A Game of Cards in two parts, ala Kill Bill which is something I'm eternally grateful for. Love ya, babe.

dreamwriteremmy has been my mixer for the project and her enthusiasm for both the fic and the characters has been inspiring and awesome; I love her headcanon and conversation. Thankyou m'dear.

Then there's sleepyartist, whose name made my jaw drop when I saw it on the signups page. Her art is spectacular and I've always loved her take on Kristoph/Phoenix; it's beautiful, it's sexy, and it's got this hint of something unnerving about it. When I saw her artwork this morning I was floored.

I'd also like to add that all these people had significant issues: much of the first draft of GAC was written when I was half-asleep, some of it after I'd had a few drinks, and much of it when I was not feeling the vibe. (And some of it while I was on a break at work or on public transport!) Consequently, it was a hideous mess, and these three people had that making life harder for them. In spite of this, they've all managed to... make shit into something beautiful.

Finally, muchos grazias to ourlonggoodbyes who both set this whole ball rolling, and who deserves some kind of fandom commendation medal for her work in this fandom. In addition to this, she's also been a great supporter and friend to me. I'm glad we have such a kickarse personality running this show.

Link to fic post: Here, I'm posting it chapter-by-chapter. It more than exceeds the word count required, and it's kind of massive, so I'm trying to put it up gradually rather than in one massive brain-vomit.
Link to art post: Here. Doesn't it look like a movie poster?
Link to mix post: Here. Please note: there are spoilers in the comments. This is gorgeous, though, and I love the way it goes in chronological order.

[Round 1] Fic: Attornia
Title: Attornia
Author: shychloe
Artist(s): aphephobia & epicrauko
Mixer: sensitization
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Maya/Franziska, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Gant/Cammy and Wocky/Pearl
Summary: King Manfred is furious at Lord Edgeworth for refusing to marry Princess Franziska and has him arrested for a murder he hasn't committed as well as treason. When Phoenix hears the word from fellow Knight Gumshoe he returns to Attornia as soon as possible with two princesses, his daughter and apprentice. Together they try to save Attornia and Lord Edgeworth from injustice and vicious plots.
Author's notes: Thanks to everyone who was assigned to fic and to everyone who took part. I really loved all the gifts I recieved. I feel that I've grown as a writer, there's still a lot of things I need to work on, but I know I'll grasp it. I am looking forward to round 2. 
Link to art posts: Epicrauko's picture  and aphephobia's hand drawn images are in the comments.  
Link to mix post:
Links to fic behind cut.Collapse )

[Round 1] FIC: Bridges
Title: Bridges
Author: joshuaorrizonte
Artist(s): shychloe, sleepyartist, and anon
Mixer: shychloe
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Miles & Pearl, Morgan, others
Summary: In the aftermath of the Hazakura Incident, Pearl's beginning to question everything Mother has told her. One of these things is about her father; he's closer than she thinks.
Author's notes: I'm so sorry this is super-late and out of place. All the things started going wrong all at once. A huge shout-out to shychloe for the lovely mix, sprite and art, and to ourlonggoodbyes for helping me cull an army of unnecessary commas and for running this awesome thing. Also thanks to sleepyartist and anon for art. <3

Also, a warning for vague depictions of non-con.

Link to fic post:
Link to art post: Schyloe's sprite image and art, Sleepyartist's art and Anon's art
Link to mix post:

[Round 1] FIC: techiegoat
Title: Justice Rangers - GO! The Pilot Episode
Author: techiegoat (also sometimes known as Mako3)
Artist(s): mistytpednaem
Mixer: shychloe
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Phoenix, Edgeworth, Maya, Gumshoe, Larry, Mia, and some vonKarmas
Summary: When the evil vonKarma army invades Earth, Phoenix and co must become the Justice Rangers in order to fight them off. Can the rag-tag bunch do it, or is Earth doomed?
Author's notes: Hope you enjoy the fun. If I can work up to it, I may make this a series. As of now, however, it's just a one-shot!
Link to fic post:
Link to art post:
Link to mix post:

[Round 1] FIC: Fading Stars and Piano Keys
GOTG :: Groot
Title: Fading Stars and Piano Keys
Author: kiyala
Artist: irtion
Mixer: shychloe
Rating: R
Characters/pairings: Daryan Crescend/Klavier Gavin with appearances by Kristoph, Phoenix, Edgeworth, Apollo, Trucy and a male!OC
Summary: Convicted on smuggling charges but not found guilty for murder, Daryan has been in prison for five years. Now, he is finally free but must find his place in the real world, and needs to sort out his relationship with Klavier, who has withdrawn into himself ever since losing his brother and his lover within the same year.
Author's notes: First and foremost, this fic is dedicated to schomperilla. I love you, and you are forever the Klavier to my Daryan ♥
Secondly, thank you so much to fanbeatsman, who is just so many kinds of awesome all rolled into one. Without her wonderful beta-reading, this fic wouldn't be even half as good as it is—and I wouldn't even be a tenth as happy with it.
And, of course, thank you to irtion for the wonderful art and shychloe for the amazing music! You both have been absolutely wonderful to work with, and this really felt like a team effort :) ♥
Last but definitely not least, thank you to ourlonggoodbyes for running this!
Link to fic post: here
Link to art post: here
Link to mix post: here

[Round 1] FIC: Last Fall
Posting this for withpractice_ff! :o

Title: Last Fall
Author: withpractice_ff
Artist(s): nenadi and paru_na
Mixer: volundarkvida
Rating: R for zombies, gore, and character death.
Characters/pairings: Edgeworth->Phoenix, Franziska/Adrian, Maggey/Gumshoe, Apollo, Trucy, Ema, Klavier, Maya, Pearl, Kay, Kristoph
Summary: Ace Attorney vs. Zombies. Or: The practical implications of a zombie outbreak. Or: Blood, gore, and tragedy.
Author's notes: Endless thanks and love to my beta, aphephobia. Her support kept me going on this when I thought I'd never get the damn thing finished. And thanks to the artists and mixer for being awesome and talented and giving this fic the time of day.
Link to fic post: Last Fall
Link to art post: nenadi's art is here and paru_na's art is here!
Link to mix post: volundarkvida's mix is here

[Round 1] FIC: Means to an End
NaruMitsu - Together
It's still the 27th somewhere in the world, right? Right. I hope everyone enjoys the fic, the beautiful art works and the very awesome fanmix!

Title: Means to an End
Author: xtwilightzx
Artist(s): cannedebonbon and nenadi
Mixer: shychloe
Rating: PG, for violence
Characters/pairings: Focuses on Miles and Phoenix, with Kristoph, Kay, Badd, Franziska, Vera and Trucy; numerous others cameo-ing or mentioned in passing. Pre-relationship.
Summary: [Undercover Agent AU] “No need to be so uptight, Edgeworth.” The hood of the cloak hides most of Wright's features from Miles' trained eye, but there is no mistaking that tone of voice, so very different from before - deadly calm with just the barest hint of dark amusement. “After all, it's an easy job. Just get the information out of the target and walk away.”
Author's notes: Much love to my very patient artists and mixer ♥.
Link to fic post: Means to an End
Link to art post: cannedebonbon's art and nenadi's art
Link to mix post: shychloe's fanmix.


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