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[Round 1] FIC: Bridges
joshuaorrizonte wrote in pw_bigbang
Title: Bridges
Author: joshuaorrizonte
Artist(s): shychloe, sleepyartist, and anon
Mixer: shychloe
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Miles & Pearl, Morgan, others
Summary: In the aftermath of the Hazakura Incident, Pearl's beginning to question everything Mother has told her. One of these things is about her father; he's closer than she thinks.
Author's notes: I'm so sorry this is super-late and out of place. All the things started going wrong all at once. A huge shout-out to shychloe for the lovely mix, sprite and art, and to ourlonggoodbyes for helping me cull an army of unnecessary commas and for running this awesome thing. Also thanks to sleepyartist and anon for art. <3

Also, a warning for vague depictions of non-con.

Link to fic post:
Link to art post: Schyloe's sprite image and art, Sleepyartist's art and Anon's art
Link to mix post:


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