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[Round 1] Fic: Attornia
shychloe wrote in pw_bigbang
Title: Attornia
Author: shychloe
Artist(s): aphephobia & epicrauko
Mixer: sensitization
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Maya/Franziska, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Gant/Cammy and Wocky/Pearl
Summary: King Manfred is furious at Lord Edgeworth for refusing to marry Princess Franziska and has him arrested for a murder he hasn't committed as well as treason. When Phoenix hears the word from fellow Knight Gumshoe he returns to Attornia as soon as possible with two princesses, his daughter and apprentice. Together they try to save Attornia and Lord Edgeworth from injustice and vicious plots.
Author's notes: Thanks to everyone who was assigned to fic and to everyone who took part. I really loved all the gifts I recieved. I feel that I've grown as a writer, there's still a lot of things I need to work on, but I know I'll grasp it. I am looking forward to round 2. 
Link to art posts: Epicrauko's picture  and aphephobia's hand drawn images are in the comments.  
Link to mix post:

Live Journal
An Introduction From The Ghost Of Adrian Andrews
Chapter One: Phoenix Knight
Chapter Two: Vanity
Chapter Three: Return Of The Knight
Chapter Four: The Thief  
Chapter Five: Training
Chapter Six: Hide And Seek
Chapter Seven: Cammy And Rhoda
Chapter Eight: Never Ending Story
Chapter Nine: Dark Passion Play
Chapter Ten: Fearless
Chapter Eleven: Manfred's Downfall
Chapter Twelve: All Hail Franziska

Attornia hosted at

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Since I can't post stuff in LJ without it being Flocked and I don't have a DA account, here's my artses for you from the fic.

Apologies for lack of computer editing (I have no PhotoShop and GIMP and I don't know one another too well at the moment) and my generally HUGE amounts of fail.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A quick portraity thing of Fantina: I had fun doing her hair though I didn't complete the picture.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Gant and Dahlia, at the start of the fic, standing by Attornia lake, about to make a deal which will undo a kingdom and set the fic in motion.

These are so lovely. Thanks a lot. I really like both of them. The one with Fantina is adorable and I really like how you have Dahlia and Gant are in shadow.

Not fail at all! Though since they are a big on the large side, I shrunk them down a bit and did some VERY minor touchups (basically increased contrast a bit) for you; I hope you don't mind. :)

(Also, as a small tip in case this helps in the future - I have default security set to Friends as well. To make something public, you basically have to create the entry first, then go back and edit it. Once in editing mode, you can set the security to public. It's... confusing, because when you initially create an entry they actually gray out the public mode. X_X But yeah! It's possible, just a tad convoluted. XD)

I don't mind at all... and thankyou! :D

Both versions are great. :)

It says "Miles/Edgeworth" in the pairings... is that correct? I mean, I don't really want to read a Gregory/Miles fanfic (I'm fine with selfcest though :)

No its meant to be Pheonix/Edgeworth. Thanks for pointing that out.

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