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[Round One] FIC: Channeling Absolution
midgetnazgul wrote in pw_bigbang
Title: Channeling Absolution
Author: midgetnazgul 
Artist(s):  sleepyartist  and takumee 
Mixer:  aphephobia 
Rating:  PG-13 for some swearing and talking about death/murder  
Characters/pairings: Miles, Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, and a brief appearance from Franziska and Gumshoe. Pre-slash P/E, that's about it  

Summary:  Edgeworth is left shaken by the events of the trial for Misty Fey's murder. What will he do, knowing now that the Kurain Channeling Technique that he despised and rejected for so long is indeed real? 

Author's notes:  I have  a general A/N at the beginning of the story on, but there's a few things specific to the comm I feel compelled to note here.
Firstly, AAAGH I'M SORRY. This has taken entirely too long for me to get around to posting. Ridiculously busy as I have been, that's no excuse to deny my compatriots' opportunity to show off their excellent skill. Endless thanks to everyone for being so patient with me!

My story is not finished as well. There are three more chapters beyond what I've posted, all very close to done but need finishing. I will be sure to inform on this post when the fic is fully finished, in case someone interested doesn't frequent often.

I also just want to say how much I ADORE the artwork that has been produced for my fanfiction. I am BEYOND pleased with your work, takumee and sleepyartist , and while I haven't seen my audio mix yet, I am really looking forward to seeing what they came up with!!!

I sincerely hope you enjoy what we all have to offer! 8D  

Link to fic post:
Link to art post: Takumee's:  Sleepyartist's:
Link to mix post: Will be posted shortly, once I have a link 

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Eee! -rolls around-

I was actually very concerned that you had given up on this or something. THEN I SEE THIS POPPED UP. 8D

Anyone reading this comment who hasn't read the story yet should go do that. It's fantastic~

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